The single-use MicroOne wipes are designed for safe and easy pre-preparation and hygienic handling.

MicroOne consists of extra-fine microfibers that ensure very high cleaning performance and is the ideal single-use wipe for hard surfaces in Hygienic Sensitive Areas as well as cleaning environments, where laundry facilities are not in place.

The wipe efficiently cleans even fatty dirt like fingerprints and is independently proven to remove 99,9% of bacteria and germs from the surface.

Each cloth is Z-folded for simplified removal when wearing gloves and can get easily impregnated with disinfection solution while staying in its original plastic bag for maximum hygienic results, where safe environments are a must. MicroOne comes packed in handy plastic bags for hygienic transportation and handling. The plastic bag-in-bucket concept prevents the bucket from getting into contact with the moist wipes. No residues and soiling within the bucket mean no bacterial growth on the buckets inner surface.

Your benefits at one glance:

  • Made from extra-fine microfibres for very high cleaning performance
  • Efficient removal even of fatty dirt
  • 99.9% bacteria and germs removal certified by independent institute
Description Color Size (cm) Art.no Case Packs/case Art.no. Pack Pieces/pack
MicroOne blue 34 x 27 148758 10 148762 50
MicroOne red 34 x 27 148759 10 148763 50
MicroOne yellow 34 x 27 148760 10 148764 50
MicroOne green 34 x 27 148761 10 148765 50

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